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Hey, I'm TheBelgianBeast.
I love flash, but unfortunatly, I do not have flash. But still, I'm willing to help newgrounds and the ones who make the flash what makes this site so great. I'm willing to give my voice to characters in flash movies. For free :). Only thing you have to do, is name me in the credits, maybe also using my music.
That way, I'm able to carry my share of the burden of newgrounds. To contact me, PM.

Volunteering for voice-acting! Go to my page for details.


2007-12-12 06:10:39 by TheBelgianBeast

I just want to wish everyone happy holdays and may your wishes come true


kitty krew

2007-10-25 12:40:11 by TheBelgianBeast

What's all the fuss about the kitty krew?? I don't really like their movies, but most poeple think its great.
Can someone tell me whats so great ,please?

PS Clockcrew!!!

this site

2007-09-13 11:17:59 by TheBelgianBeast

is good hu? showing your work to the rest of the community, good work tom fulp!