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Favorite Audio

Final Fantasy - Main Theme Video Game Song
Gods of the Sword Heavy Metal Song
Sonic 2 Boss Theme-Metaljonus Video Game Song
Star Wars Theme Song Miscellaneous Song
Double Elf Homicide Miscellaneous Song
Twist the Knife Heavy Metal Song
{K}- WarAmbience(BombThreat) Miscellaneous Loop
Ocarina of time (Sarias)song M Techno Song
-Radioactive- Techno Song
The Unfathomable Cycle of Life Heavy Metal Song
-Glorious morning- Video Game Song
Super Mario Bros Theme Video Game Song
Halo Theme -(Metalized?)- Heavy Metal Song
Angel Island Zone (Funk Ver.) Funk Song
Pokemon - Battle Megamix Video Game Loop
Halo--High Charity Video Game Song
Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Metal Heavy Metal Loop
Bioshock Ambiance Ambient Song
Angry Video Game Nerd Theme General Rock Loop
#~* Mario Eurobeat *~# Video Game Song
Zelda Memories Video Game Song
Hyrule Temple Video Game Song
OverworldRumble: Sonic & Mario Video Game Song
Halo- Lone Rider. (DEMO) Classic Rock Song
Naruto: It's the Training! Miscellaneous Song
Halo-Lone Rider {DEMO V2} Classic Rock Song
-_Halo1 Theme Song_- Video Game Song
*Link's Reflection* Video Game Song
Shooting Star Classical Song
Naruto - Strong and Strike Video Game Song
"Hokage's Funeral" from Naruto Classical Song
Zelda Metalized Video Game Song